Honeymoon Acre's Warranty

In 2006 we changed our warranty policy. We at Honeymoon Acre's DO NOT WARRANT or REPLACE our nursery stock, perennials, and annuals. We feel we can cut our prices 20-50% on nursery product and our other plants without giving a warranty. We found customers had a problem with not keeping their receipts and some people were not even taking care of the plants as well as they should have. As a customer you understand that trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals are all living things and need as much care as any other organism. We feel good gardeners shouldn't have to pay for the lack of care of other gardeners. In this we mean not properly watered, not planted in the right soil conditions, not planted in the right place for example sun or shade, and not keeping insects and animals from damaging them. We also did not have many people needing replacements. Plus how are we suppose to know what happens to our products once they leave our facility. They have growing for months for us and we feel if something should have happened it would have already. So all in all we found that we can offer a good product at a much lower price. We feel this can help people who like to do planting themselves. We are confident we purchase and grow the very best plants for this northern area, so you, the customer, can have a successful garden.