Seasons at Honeymoon Acres


In spring, we have many plants to choose from. Everything from hanging baskets, mixed containers, and single annual plants to put in the garden or in a person's own planters. Thousands to choose from in many various varieties. We also carry thousands of varieties of perennials and vegetables. We have everything for your gardening needs.


In summer, we are transitioning from spring to fall. In that case we are still selling plants from spring and getting ready for our fall plants. Our field is starting to make pumpkins and gourds for the upcoming fall.


In Fall, we carry hardy garden mums started by cutting in our greenhouse. We start with a few thousands to choose from in various colors. We are continually selling fresh produce from our field until the product is gone. We also have mixed fall planters (mixtures may contain grass, aster, flowering cabbage, mum, petunia, and pansies), pots of flowering cabbage and kale, and pots of grass. Lastly we carry pumpkins, gourds, and fresh squash grown from our field. Read More......


We are open still until December 24th. We make and sell our own Christmas wreaths, grow our poinsettias starting in July so they are ready to be sold at the end of November until the 24th of December, and we also carry Christmas trees, in which you can put up in your house and enjoy the scent and beauty of Winter. We have other Christmas decorations to choose from as well. We have hanging kissing balls, Pots-o-Greens, various Christmas wreaths, and bundles of greens. Read More.....