Roy, Ollie, and Ace

Roy Ollie, and Ace are the puppies of Honeymoon Acres. You may see them romping around welcoming you to greenhouse heaven.  All three dogs are English-Cream Retrievers, and full of energy! Most of the time they are beautiful cream colored but in true agricultural dog fashion, more often than not they become dirty.  They all love running around the fields and in the greenhouses making sure everything is running smoothly.  They live a pretty good life here running on all this land, lots of love from customers, and their families.  If they approach you and you wish to be lift alone with the flowers, just ignore them and they will walk away.  As Roy, Ollie, and Ace are members of our family, please remember they are working too, so please, no feeding them and know that sometimes they need to be called away to help with another task.  We ask that you respect this and any other decisions we may have about them.   All the dogs are very good with children, just please keep an eye on your kids as to ensure they are using proper behavior with dogs.

Roy- Roy is the Honeymoon Acres mascot and the leader of the pack.  He is a majestic dog who loves people.  Roy is very easy going and loves when people, especially when they are petting him.  He goes into “show mode” when spring comes around.

Ollie- Ollie is the middle child of the group and loves to play but is very shy at first.  He takes some time to warm up you but after you pass inspection, you have a friend for life.  He will show you his favorite ball in his mouth, but he will not drop it, he’s just showing it off to you.  Ollie is also VERY afraid of strollers, wheelchairs, and walkers.  He will bark at them, only because scared, not angry, he’s been rolled over one too many times.  One of the Honeymoon Acres staff will quickly come to help ease the situation.

Ace- Ace is the baby of the group.  He is very mellow when it comes to people and getting petted and likes to give kisses.  Ace is the instigator of the group and loves to play, especially with children.  When playing, Ace gets very excited and jumps all around as his way of playing back with you and letting you know he is having a blast!