Roy and Ollie

Hi. This is Roy and Ollie here. We are both male English Cream Golden Retriever. We are full of energy and love.  We both love to play and go outdoors. If you don't see us we are probably getting into trouble out in the field or with our humans. We both LOVE to play fetch and just having fun with various objects.

We both have the same habits as regular golden retriever. The only difference is we have very white-cream colored fur. Sometimes it looks darker though, because we like playing in dirt or mud. We are very trusting, gentle, intelligent dogs, but sometimes things still scare us.

We were given to homes with very loving families. They give me everything and anything a dog like me would need. We love them and could not ask for anything else in our life. If we approach you, please respect my family and help them teach me to behave myself and follow what our humans say. Also if we approach you and you wish to be left alone, just ignore us and we will go away.

Thank you for respecting me and my family and hopefully we will meet you one day. Have a fun time at Honeymoon Acres! We know we both do everyday!!