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Honeymoon Acres Gift Cards make the perfect gift! When it is cold and gloomy outside remind that special someone that a bright, warm and beautiful day is just around the corner! You can order them online and receive an email with the gift card voucher you print off and give to the certain someone in minutes! We will now be closed until April 1st, 2020 for SPRING!

We updated most of our website for the 2020 season!!

We do have pictures for plants. We want to give a special thanks to a few companies that have helped us add some photos to our site. We have taken a few ourselves and the companies (Ball Horticulture, Walters Gardens, Star Roses and Plants, Weeks Roses, Bailey Nurseries, and Proven Winners) have granted us access to their photos. We do not allow you to copy the pictures, for they still have rights to the pictures themselves.

All plants listed are an updated list for Spring 2020 and what we would like to carry for Spring 2020 but due to crop growth, back orders, or substitutes we may or may not have it at our establishment. All products are subject to availability. We are a retail establishment and do not ship items. That being said everything is first come first serve in spring! . Please call or email us to see if we are going to have it or if we will have it at [email protected]

If you have any questions please feel free to call us, (920)898-4490. Otherwise enjoy browsing through our various products under the plants column above.

Thank you all for being such loyal customers. We appreciate every one of you for the same dedication and love of plants that we have!

We hope to see you soon! If you would need gift cards, feel free to purchase them here on our website or stop on in to pick one up.

Now Accepting Applications!!

Please follow directions at the bottom of your screen to open the page through Word documents to print off your application